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Events2HVAC Integrates Building Automation Systems with Room Scheduling Software from Streamside Solutions

Events2HVAC saves facilities money by reducing energy use and eliminating redundant data entry associated with scheduling HVAC systems. This software pulls room scheduling information from room reservation systems and sends commands to heating and cooling systems, turning them on and off as appropriate based on schedules. By heating and cooling rooms only when they are being used, your facility can significantly reduce energy use and save money.

Using Events2HVAC in your facility will:

  • Save energy by running HVAC equipment in rooms only when needed.
  • Save labor hours by maintaining schedules in one place in the event management system rather than manually setting schedules in the HVAC system.
  • Protect the environment by maximizing the capabilities of your building automation system and room scheduling software, operating your facility smarter and greener.

Events2HVAC can also control lighting and security (electronic door locks) based on scheduled events, saving your facility additional energy and labor expense. It is flexible and works with equipment from many vendors.

Events2HVAC currently integrates with the following room scheduling software:

  • Dean Evans EMS Lite, Professional, Enterprise, Campus, District, Legal, and Workplace
  • EmergingSoft Meeting Planner
  • Microsoft Exchange Server (Microsoft Outlook)
  • CollegeNET R25
  • ministrEspace

Events2HVAC can command HVAC systems and devices with the following protocols and vendors:

  • BACnet/IP compliant HVAC networks and devices
  • NetworkThermostat Net/X thermostats
  • Proliphix NT Series network thermostats
  • Johnson Controls MSEA networks
  • Johnson Controls P2000 Security System door card access terminals

Streamside Solutions will be expanding the interfaces compatible with Events2HVAC in future releases.

Tonya Russell
P.O. Box 1576
Estes Park, CO 80517
Ph: 888-320-4277