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ControlScope - Wireless Lighting Control System from Daintree Networks

Daintree Networks offers the industry’s first interoperable system for powerful, energy-saving Wireless Lighting Control solutions. Our ControlScope™ wireless platform enables:

  • tremendous energy savings for commercial buildings
  • full-featured controls with lower cost and complexity than ever before
  • a choice of open standards-based, interoperable controls products from trusted suppliers
  • advanced, enterprise-wide energy management strategies

Daintree's wireless lighting control solutions solve some of the lighting industry’s toughest problems by eliminating wiring—thereby allowing broader and more granular control, reducing costs, simplifying commissioning, and extending the benefits of lighting control to retrofits and other new markets.

The Right Architecture for Wireless Lighting Control

ControlScope is a network- and software-based wireless platform built on years of development in the most trusted, reliable, wireless mesh networking standards. It works in tandem with a full set of lighting control devices including switches, sensors, ballasts, and LED drivers from Daintree's partners. We provide the wireless network communications and controls intelligence, while our partners continue to do what they do best—manufacture high-quality devices.

In a Daintree-based solution, the ZigBee wireless mesh network takes the place of dedicated control wiring and physical control panels. Sensors, wall switches, ballasts, and LED drivers all communicate with each other wirelessly, either through an external adapter or through standard wireless communications capabilities built directly inside the device. Facility managers can set control strategies through Daintree’s web-based ControlScope Manager application, and those commands are applied wirelessly to individual zones, or across the building or enterprise.

Key benefits

  • Enables powerful energy-saving control strategies including scheduling, occupancy, daylighting, task tuning, lumen maintenance and load shedding.
  • Simplifies communications by eliminating control wiring, which reduces much of the expense, complication, and disruption of a wired system.
  • Delivers maximum energy-saving control strategies to retrofits and other spaces considered inaccessible or impractical with wired technology.
  • Reduces the expense and complexity of commissioning through the use of our patent-pending Intelligent Auto-Commissioning techniques.
  • Delivers real-time, measurable information about usage, creating new methods to manage energy use and demand as well as verify savings.
  • Integrates with Demand Response / Demand Management programs through OpenADR, automatically shedding lighting load in response to Utility signals.
  • Puts control in the hands of facility managers with a simple and intuitive web-based user interface for energy management, which is accessible from any remote location.
  • Scales easily from a single office to system-wide control of hundreds (or thousands) of devices across a distributed enterprise.
  • Uses a reliable ZigBee mesh network: the leading standard for wireless building control systems.
  • Provides choice of interoperable lighting control devices from trusted suppliers.
  • Helps buildings comply with green building regulations and guidelines (such as LEED) and qualify for utility and government rebates.

Visit the Daintree Web site to learn more.

Download Daintree's Wireless Lighting Control Platform Overview.

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