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CS Unitec offers portable drilling machines for structural steel and other metals from CS Unitec, Inc.

For metal and structural steel


Portable, Electric Magnetic Drills:

 Fast, accurate hole cutting on the job site or in the shop! CS Unitec's portable magnetic drills are ideal for drilling structural steel and virtually any metal. We offer the most compact and powerful series of portable magnetic drills for holes up to 5-1/8" diameter. All CS Unitec drills are heavy-duty for use in construction and industry. Our complete product line includes electric, pneumatic and hydraulic.

Powerful, portable magnetic drilling machines

MAB/MDM series is a our latest generation of portable magnetic drilling machines featuring high power, heavy-duty construction and increased safety.

Features for improved performance include:

  • Integrated cable routing within the casing eliminates th e possibility of cable getting caught, tearing or snapping off
  • Ergonomically positioned controls
  • Heavy-duty metal gear selector knob
  • Permanently sealed lifetime oil bath gearbox lubrication
  • Oil bottle integrated within frame of drill to retain compact design
CS Unitec MAB Series Portable Magnetic Drill

MAB / MDM Series:

  • MDM-40 – 1-1/2" ∅ annular cutters, 9.25 Amp, 440 RPM, compact design
  • MAB 150 – 1-1/2" ∅ annular cutters, 9.25 Amp, 400 RPM, horizontal motor mount for tight spaces
  • MAB 425 – 1-3/8" ∅ annular cutters, 5/8" ∅ twist drilling, 9.25 Amp, 2 gears (430/760 RPM)
  • MAB 455 – 2" ∅ annular cutters, 7/8" ∅ twist drilling, 10.5 Amp, 2 gears (250/450 RPM)
  • MAB 485 – 2" ∅ annular cutters, 7/8" ∅ twist drilling, 15/16" dia. tapping, 10.5 Amp, 2-gear variable speed (50-250 and 100-450 RPM), Reversible
  • MAB 525 – 2-1/2" ∅ annular cutters, 1" ∅ twist drilling, 15/16" ∅ tapping, 14.5 Amp, 2-gear variable speed (70-280 and 180-580 RPM), Reversible
  • MAB 825 and MAB 845 (with swivel base) – 4" ∅ annular cutters, 1-1/4" ∅ twist drilling, 1-1/8" ∅ tapping, 16 Amp, 4-gear variable speed (40-110, 65-175, 140-360 and 220-600 RPM), Reversible
  • MAB 1300 – 5-1/8" ∅ annular cutters (with TCT Carbide Cutters), 1-3/4" ∅ twist drilling, 1-5/8" ∅ tapping, 20 Amp, 4-gear variable speed (30-80, 50-120, 130-350 and 210-550 RPM), Reversible
  • AutoMAB 1500 – 1-1/2" ∅ annular cutters, 10.5 Amp, 360 RPM, heavy-duty compact drill with automatic feed.


Portable Pneumatic Magnetic Drills - Airbor™ AB-4300-2 and AB-4300-2R

 CS Unitec AIRBOR™ AB-4300-2 Pneumatic Magnetic Drill

AIRBOR™ is inherently safer than electromagnetic drills in hazardous atmospheres and wet environments where electricity requires "hot work permits." ATEX approved.

Portable Hydraulic Magnetic Drills - HB-4400

Ideal for industrial, construction, marine, subsea and mining applications

CS Unitec HB-4400 Portable Hydraulic Magnetic Drill


CS Unitec’s Annular Cutters achieve burr-free finished holes, without pre-drilling or step-drilling. 

Also available from CS Unitec:

• Drills and Drive Units

• Drills for concrete and masonry – The industry's most complete range of lightweight portable diamond core drilling machines and rigs. Ideal for drilling holes in floors, walls, ceilings, and all concrete anchoring systems. Easy to use for fast drilling of reinforced concrete, concrete, brick, block and stone. All drills are equipped with a "slip clutch". Models are available for wet or dry drilling.