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Total Light Management from Lutron from Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Energi Savr Node is a simple, programmable module for controlling light and saving energy in any commercial space. Three models are available for integration with EcoSystem ballasts, Softswitch Switching Systems and 0-10V dimming, so there are opportunities for savings with any type of commercial system. ESN modules can connect to wired or wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight sensors, wallstations and motorized shades for total management of all available light in a space. This combination of control strategies allows up to a 60% reduction in lighting energy usage.

Energy Savr Node modules work "out of the box," connecting immediately to other system components with no commissioning required. Settings can be easily adjusted and controlled using an intuitive application for the Apple iPod Touch or iPhone.

Quantum Total Light Management maximizes the efficient use of light to improve comfort and productivity, simplify operations, and save energy. This powerful and efficient system dims or switches all electric lighting and simultaneously controls daylight using automated shades. Quantum easily integrates with building management systems. A solution for new construction and retrofits, Quantum is ideal for office buildings, hospitals, universities, and more.

Each Quantum system is designed to the customer's specifications. Initial commissioning of the system and consequent training of the facility management team that will interact with the system ensure that the Quantum system will continue to perform as specified by the customer.