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Lutron Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors from Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Radio Powr Savr Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors

Lutron's Radio Powr Savr Occupancy and Vacancy sensors communicate wirelessly to compatible switches and dimmers to ensure that lights remain lit only when they're in use. The sensors install in as little as 15 minutes and communicate via Lutron's proprietary Clear Connect Radio Frequency technology, which ensures smooth, consistent performance. Both the wall-mount and ceiling-mounted models contain optional settings for responding to initial occupancy, making the same unit flexible for any space's needs. 

Lutron's innovative XCT technology detects fine motion, such as typing or turning a page, for superior performance. The sensor can communicate with up to 10 dimmers and switches, and up to 3 sensors can be added for maximum coverage. They communicate with a variety of Lutorn systems including Maestro Wireless, GRAFIK Eye QS, EcoSystem and Quantum.

Maestro with Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor

Maestro Dimmer with Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor automatically turns lights on when a room is occupied and off after it is vacated, greatly reducing unnecessary energy use. The sensor is equipped with Lutron’s exclusive XCT detection technology that senses fine motions, such as turning a page, to ensure the lights stay on when the room is occupied. The dimmer allows users to set lights to their favorite level and dim them up or down, saving additional energy and extending light bulb life. It comes in seven gloss and 20 Satin Colors to complement any décor.

For applications where dimming is not required, Lutron's Maestro Switch with Occupancy Sensor uses the same reliable XCT technology to turn off lights when a room is empty. The time-out period is adjustable from 1-30 minutes, and ambient light detection can also be configured to prevent the light from coming on when sufficient ambient light is available.

The Maestro dimmer is easy to install - simply replace an existing switch with a dimmer; no new wiring is required - and energy savings are immediate. This product is a savvy addition to the elegant Maestro product line, which includes coordinating wallplates, receptacles, switches and phone/data ports.