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Luminous Egress Path Markings help you find your way out from American PERMALIGHT Inc

During the 9/11 events, PERMALIGHT® photoluminescent markings helped evacuate the New York City World Trade Center Tower stair cases. The NIST evacuation study results led to photoluminescent exit path marking requirements in NYC high rise office building staircases, and now the 2009 IBC/IFC Codes and NFPA101-Life Safety Code.

The new Codes require Luminous Egress Path Markings of specific high-performance to qualify for installation in multi-story building stair cases, as these markings shall help building occupants evacuate from darkened assembly, business, educational, institutional, hotel/motel, mercantile high-rise buildings nationwide.  PERMALIGHT® obtained a UL1994-listing from Underwriters Laboratories Inc for the extensive range of non-electrical, non-radioactive Exit Path Markings. The comprehensive PERMALIGHT® Staircase Marking system includes photoluminescent Metal Stair Nosing, Anti-Slip Floor products, Perimeter Wall Tape & Extrusions, Handrail & Obstacle Markings, Directional Signs, Floor Identification Signage and Exit Door Markings, allowing building owners and property managers to choose markings that perfectly suit their building and budget needs.  



Non-electrical; Non-radioactive; Energy-efficient.