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Air Intake Filters Keep Coils Clean from Permatron

Capital equipment purchases carry a significant price tag, one that merits taking a long term view of equipment efficiency, maintenance and repair. Facility managers and building owners are faced with the challenge of maintaining the overall quality of a building, its ongoing operations and system performance needs.  Millions of dollars and thousands of man hours are spent annually on HVACR systems and other equipment for maintenance, downtime and repair.  

Failure to provide effective air intake protection to building or equipment fans, motors, heat exchangers and other process cooling systems adds up to a costly loss of productivity in safe and efficient system operations.  This is especially true of cooling application systems where heat transfer surfaces are dramatically impacted by buildup of dirt on the surface.  

In a cooling system, heat absorption and release take place on condensing surfaces (fins and coils) and are dependent on surface transfer and airflow to achieve an operational goal.  As dirt insulates those surfaces or causes insufficient air flow through the coils, heat transfer from the refrigerant to the air is reduced.  This causes the condensing temperature of the refrigerant to increase and forces the compressor to work harder. 

Airflow obstructions, debris and dirt buildup will impact equipment ability to work efficiently.  Dirty equipment means energy efficiency decrease, heat buildup, higher discharge pressure, increased amp draw and motor strain.  Forced to run for longer cycle times, at reduced capacity, operating costs escalate, breakdown occurs and equipment life expectancy decreases. 

Well maintained equipment costs less to operate, promotes optimal life expectancy and energy efficiencies.  A proactive approach to equipment maintenance helps deliver consistent high level performance and minimizes the need for unnecessary service calls and costly repairs. According to EPA research approximately 30% of the energy office buildings consume is wasted and 0.042" of dirt on an air conditioning coil can reduce its efficiency by 21%.

One of the most simple and effective methods of increasing HVACR system's airflow and efficiency is air filtration.  Interior AND exterior air filters play a significant role in the energy consumed to operate HVACR systems.  Contaminants need to be removed from the air both BEFORE they enter the system and as air passes through the system.  

PreVent Equipment Protection FilterPreVent filter on Carrier system air intake

PreVent Equipment Protection Filters are made of cleanable UV protected polypropylene and custom sized to fit any air intake perimeter.  This filter can be framed with a flexible vinyl binding or a rigid galvanized steel frame, depending on the application and necessary installation requirements.  It's very easily installed using magnetic stripping, grommets and screws, bungee hook cords, velcro hook/loop or snap clips. 

PreVent Air Intake filters can be easily brushed clean with a broom versus having to clean the delicate fins and coils with time consuming hand brushing and messy corrosive chemicals that can damage the system components and the environment over time.