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Area of Refuge Communication Systems from Housing Devices, Inc.

The 2009 IBC code 1007.9 and NFPA 101 section 7.2 both require two-way

communications in all multi-story buildings with no exceptions.

Residential and Sprinklered buildings now must have two-way communications

even though actual areas of refuge are not needed.

Housing Devices' Area of Rescue/Refuge two-way communications systems

are compliant with all IBC, ADA, and NFPA codes. Their ADA-ARCU system

provides communication between the remote stations (ADA-1000) on each

floor (at elevator lobby for sprinklered buildings, and in areas of refuge for

non-sprinklered buildings) and the central control point (ADA-ARCU). Per

codes, two way voice communication to off-site monitoring is standard if

the master is not constantly attended.


• 3-in. diameter “Push for Help” for the most ADA accessible activation

• Engraved lettering rather than stencils which will rub off

• 16-ga. stainless-steel to withstand severe attempts of vandalism

• Direct two way voice communication from remote stations to emergency     services

• LED Lighted, photolumiescent and braille signage available

Other Products Offered

• Hardwired Area of Refuge Systems (ADA-100)

• Hearing impaired audio visual alert devices (ADA-121)

• Vandal proof intercom entry systems (ACS-Series)

• Telephone entry systems (HDI-1020 Custom)

• Mailboxes (vertical, horizontal & 4C)

Architectural specifications, installation & operations manuals, and wiring

diagrams are available in PDF & WORD Formats on their web site.