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EATOILS PRODUCTS for all your tough cleaning & deodorizing jobs from WorldWare Enterprises Ltd.

Green Certifications: EcoLogo Program


All of your commercial work areas will be spotless when you choose to use EATOILS™ ECOLOGO™ CERTIFIED GREEN products.

Clean safely and effectively without the need for special storage or handling precautions. EATOILS™ ECOLOGO™ CERTIFIED GREEN products are perfect for food service, hospitality, automotive, office, academic, institutional, municipal, and farm applications.

EATOILS™ products are CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) approved for all food processing facilities, provided that they are used in keeping with the instructions outlined on the labels. All EATOILS™ cleaning products require no rinsing and keep on working for up to 80 hours after you're done, removing organic material from your most challenging areas.


EATOILS™ CLEANING PRODUCTS All of your commercial work areas will be spotless when you choose to use ECOLOGO™ CERTIFIED GREEN EATOILS™ products.

  • BT200™ deep cleans & degreases all surfaces - eats oil quickly without solvents – great for food service, automotive and shop floor applications – deep cleans grease & oil stains from concrete, asphalt, soil, trench drains, etc. – removes forklift tire marks from factory floors – prevents 'tracking' of grease & oil between shop and office areas – cleans oily grease from all surfaces – even windows.
  • SUPER DEGREASER™ deep cleans & degreases equipment – also a parts washing solution – ideal for putting in aqueous parts washers – the solvent–free solution to parts washing that eliminates disposal costs.
  • BIOBLAST™ our general purpose cleaner – cleans & deodorizes floors, grout & tile, wall surfaces, bathrooms, etc. – removes mold & mildew – and it is designed to keep drains & grease traps running free too! – an all-in-one product – ideal for smaller facilities.
  • SUPERFRESH™ deep cleans & deodorizes all hard surfaces (floors, tile & grout, sports equipment) & eliminates the worst odors in minutes – even skunk! Ideal for dumpsters, garbage chutes, busy bathrooms, fitness areas, locker rooms, etc. Removes mold & mildew.
  • SUPER FLOOR DEGREASER™ quickly deep cleans the worst slippery floors in the busiest kitchens – brings grout back to its original color right before your eyes! – Just mop and go!
  • SUPER CARPET FRESH™ carpet spotter and extraction cleaner Deep cleans right down to the carpet backing to remove all organic materials once – with a fresh scent that kills odors (all organic odors including – smoke, food spills(coffee, wine, milk, etc.), urine, vomit, pet smells, skunk, etc.) – it can be used – 1) as a spot remover, pre-treatment, and as a full extraction solution on carpets, 2) as a spot remover, pre-treatment, and full extraction solution for upholstery, and 3) as a pre-soak, pre-wash, washing solution for washable fabric, drapes and clothes.


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