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Energy Management from SATEC

Identify and Solve Power System Problems On-Line from Anywhere, Anytime

Nowadays, the majority of energy consumers and electric utilities need a total energy management system complete with all the necessary tools to monitor and manage the entire power system under one virtual roof. The most wanted components of such an energy management system are: data monitoring and analysis, billing service, power quality monitoring and analysis, and demand response.


eXpertpower Pro


SATEC's energy management solution is the eXpertpower™web service. This web-enabled analysis and data management system has revolutionized the field of energy management by providing a cost-effective solution which allows users to access comprehensive on-line data in real time.


eXpertpower™ requires no heavy up-front capital investment, no downloads or updates, no maintenance or hardware issues and no employee training or software implementation. We do all that for you. This means significant savings of both time and money.

eXpertpower™ is a revolutionary approach to total power management that utilizes sophisticated yet user-friendly software adhering to the growing Application Service Provider (ASP) model. It collects, archives and analyzes power system data automatically while allowing multiple users to view this data in reports, tables, graphs, waveforms, or charts. The eXpertpower™ service supports the entire product line of SATEC devices. 

Monitor high emission of voltage/current harmonics and inter-harmonics

Renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic power systems and wind turbines, have special power quality issues. For instance, photovoltaic inverters can interact with existing network components leading to resonance phenomena. High harmonic levels in renewable energy grids are also well-known. High emission of voltage/current harmonics and inter-harmonics is one of the central power quality issues in renewable energy applications. SATEC has gained more than twenty years of experience in power quality solutions. On the basis of this experience, SATEC proposes the following solutions for renewable energy customer applications:




PM172EH is an upscale precise power and energy (Class 0.2S per IEC 62053-22) meter with ultimate harmonic measurement capability including individual voltage/current harmonics up to 40th, voltage/current THD, current TDD and K-factor. In addition to harmonic measurements, the PM172EH has unique capability of measuring total harmonic powers (kW, kVA) and total harmonic energies (kWh import/export, kVAh). Directional power harmonics can be evaluated by PAS PC software. 


PM175 /174

PM175/174 is a power quality analyzer according to EN 50160 (PM175) or IEEE 1159 (PM174). This instrument is the ultimate harmonic analyzer including individual voltage/current harmonics up to 50th, voltage/current THD, current TDD, K-factor, and inter-harmonics THD. Directional power harmonics can be evaluated by PAS PC software.