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New Hybrid Ventilation Unit Provides Year-Round Performance from Reznor/Thomas & Betts

Nov. 2010, Memphis, TN – Introducing the first, and only, fully integrated, commercial ventilation unit! The new Reznor Z Series precisely combines the benefits of a heat pump and an energy recovery wheel into one unit. This hybrid unitary product maximizes the entire system.

The Z.62e provides the building design professional with a tested, verified plug-and-play product. The low cost, high efficiency unit will meet the design goals of LEED and ASHRAE standards (90.1 & 62.1).

During the winter months, when the outdoor air temperatures are between -10°F and 45°F, the unit modulates the DX heat pump system and the total enthalpy wheel to provide 70°F heated air to the space. The Z Series can heat up to 1500 cfm of outside air with a COP of 6.23 at 0°F.During the warmer months, the unit delivers dehumidified, 70°F fresh air to the building with EER exceeding 17.0.

The true energy savings generated by the Z.62e directly impacts the building owner’s bottom line with through lower utility bills.

For more information, contact your Reznor Sales Engineer by calling 800-695-1901, ext. 1, or go to

Reznor HVAC equipment is manufactured by Thomas & Betts Corporation (NYSE: TNB),