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Algae-X International

Algae-X International engineers and manufactures fuel conditioning, treatment, filtration and Emission Control Technologies, "Total Fuel System Management". The headquarters and manufacturing facilities are based in Fort Myers, Florida, USA with an extensive multi-national distribution network.

Our mission-developing, engineering and manufacturing environmentally supportive technologies, products and solutions that optimize fuel quality.

Our goals-helping our Customers lower the costs of operating & maintaining diesel powered equipment, improving combustion performance & reliability, while reducing harmful emissions.

Over the last ten years, our intensive efforts in research and development of fuel conditioning technologies placed us as the market leader in magnetic fuel treatment.

Our products have been successfully used in thousands of applications all around the world. We offer flexible and competent engineering solutions for the most complex technical requirements, tailored to individual customer needs.

The Algae-X International approach of "Total Fuel Quality Management & Fuel System Optimization" is unique in an industry where consumers and engine makers have always operated on the premise that "fuel is fuel ". Traditionally, combustion improvement efforts have focused on the machinery without much consideration for the condition and the quality of the fuel.

Algae-X International's Total Fuel System Management provides optimal fuel quality, crucial for peak engine performance, reliability and lowered emissions.

Algae-X International - Your fuel management specialist


5400-1 Division Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33905
Phone: 239-690-9589
Fax: 239-690-1195



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