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Motorized Platform Carts from Americart USA LLC

Features and Benefits •Center mounted transaxle drive ◦The AmericartUSA™, battery powered platform cart has a shorter turning radius for greater maneuverability in tight spaces •State-of-the-art, self-diagnostic, controls ◦The AmericartUSA™, motorized cart controls will immediately sense and alert the user to any problems relative to the brake, motor, batteries, charger, or controls. Should a fault condition arise the controls will inhibit the user from operating the self-propelled platform cart. •Smart charging system ◦The AmericartUSA™, motorized cart has a self-contained 115V smart charging system. This means you can plug the motorized platform cart into any 115V outlet any time without worries of over-charging. Once the batteries are fully charged the smart charger automatically shuts off. •1,000-lb load and brake capacity ◦The AmericartUSA™, motorized platform cart will stop and hold a load while in motion at top speed, even on a 6 degree incline •Intuitive user response ◦The AmericartUSA™, self propelled cart has variable speed control similar the the gas pedal in your car. faster and further you pull back the throttle on the AmericartUSA™, self-propelled cart the quicker you will achieve your desired top speed. To slow down or stop the battery powered platform cart simply release the throttle. Once the motorized cart is stopped the brake will automatically lock preventing any potential roll away situation. •Non-memory forming sealed maintenance free batteries ◦The batteries used on the AmericartUSA™, can be charged or discharged from any state without worries of the batteries forming a memory. This means you don’t have to completely discharge the batteries before re-charging. •Exclusive emergency stop switch ◦The emergency stop switch on the AmericartUSA™, battery powered platform cart will allow a user to immediately stop the motorized cart in any emergency situation. •Never-flat, drive tires, with 8" casters ◦The drive wheels on the AmericartUSA™, motorized platform cart will never go flat and never require air like the wheels on your car. The large 8” casters used on the AmericartUSA™ battery powered cart allow for heavy loads and easy turning. •One-year parts warranty (includes electronics) ◦AmericartUSA™, stands behind our products and provides the best customer service in the industry. •Technical support hotline ◦The AmericartUSA™, self-propelled platform cart comes with a life-time technical service hotline. Contact our toll-free phone number and you will immediately be connected with a technical service representative whom can aid you in troubleshooting and/or ordering parts.