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Photoluminescent Paints glow in the dark from American PERMALIGHT Inc

PERMALIGHT® offers three Photoluminescent Safety Paint Systems:

  • Two component epoxy paint - concrete floor surfaces, on metal
  • One component acrylic paint - wall surfaces
  • Two component polyurethane paint - industrial areas, on metal, on plastic

The 1-Component-Acrylic Paint System is non-flammable and non-hazardous.  It gets thinned with water (no solvents!) and is very easy to work with.  Shake the can, open it, stir the paint really well and apply it with an airless spray gun, brush or roller. If you do not finish the job, close the can, seal it well and re-use it days later. This paint system is extensively used on US submarines and Coast Guard cutters for escape route markings.  

The 2-Component Epoxy Paint System has a high abrasion resistance and is mainly used for concrete floors on platforms, parking decks, highly frequented stairs and in warehouses with forklift traffic. After extensive tests that proved its excellent wear and tear resistance, this epoxy system was installed on the steps & handrails inside the World Trade Center New York stairwells in 1994 and helped aide the evacuation during the September 11, 2001 events.  

The 2-component-PU-paint system is well suited for industrial applications where thinned acids, chemicals or lye may be present. This system has been extensively used on Alaska oil rigs where it may get exposed to harsh sea climate, including temperature fluctuations and saltwater.  This system is best suited for use on metal surfaces. 

Photoluminescent Paint System steps are white primer, photoluminescent paint and clear protective coating.  Choose from "standard glow" or "high-performance" options.