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Photoluminescent Emergency Lighting illuminates your escape route from American PERMALIGHT Inc

The new IBC - International Building Code & IFC - International Fire Code both require Luminous Egress Path Markings in multi-story building stair cases to help building occupants evacuate from darkened assembly, business, educational, institutional, hotel/motel, mercantile high-rise buildings nationwide.  PERMALIGHT® manufactures these non-electrical, non-radioactive Code-compliant, UL1994-listed Exit Path Markings.

The comprehensive PERMALIGHT® Staircase Marking system includes photoluminescent Metal Stair Nosing, Anti-Slip Floor products, Perimeter Wall Tape & Extrusions, Handrail & Obstacle Markings, Directional Signs, Floor Identification Signage and Exit Door Markings, allowing building owners and property managers to choose markings that perfectly suit their building and budget needs.  

PERMALIGHT® photoluminescent markings helped evacuate the New York City World Trade Center Tower stair cases during the 9/11 events. The NIST evacuation study results led to photoluminescent exit path marking requirements in NYC high rise office building staircases, and now the 2009 IBC/IFC Codes and NFPA101-Life Safety Code.


Non-elelctrical; Non-radioactive; Energy-efficient.