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Traditionally, the used furniture market has been fragmented and, for a variety of other reasons, difficult for large organizations to deal with. Used furniture can range in quality and availability. That being said, architects and designers are specifying like-new pre-owned office furniture at very attractive prices. In some cases entire facilities are furnished from used inventories and in other cases a blended approach serves to stretch the budget. As an example, a company can purchase higher quality chairs with the money they save by purchasing used cubicle panels. Or, they can augment their budget to buy new with the proceeds received from the sale of their used furniture.

So, why are some companies able to leverage the used furniture market while others resort to paying a mover to haul their valuable assets to the local landfill? In fact, there are several reasons like-new furniture ends up in a landfill:

  1. The value of the used furniture (real or perceived) is too low given the priorities of the facilities staff. Simply put, they don't have time to deal with it.
  2. The facilities staff is detached from the commercial pre-owned marketplace. They simply don't know there is a better option.
  3. The value of the used furniture is eroded by storage, transportation and handling costs. With insufficient margin, the supply chain is unable to bring it to market at a reasonable price.
  4. There is no coordination of supply chain resources, which is typically made up of small independent companies with constrained financial resources and limited human capital.

Idle Asset overcomes these obstacles by establishing a viable market and providing powerful online tools, making it feasible to remarket used furniture assets. We address the fragmentation issue by establishing a common business framework necessary for a cohesive network of facilities professionals across supply chain silos. We address the value issue by equipping that network with robust online tools — tools that connect the network and connect buyers to sellers.


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