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Hydro Safe Oil Division, Inc.

Hydro Safe provides a vegetable based hydraulic fluid formulated to meet the demand for biodegradable hydraulic oils. Hydro Safe offers excellent anti-wear performance in a wide array of hydraulic components, and can be used as a superior replacement for conventional petroleum oil. It exhibits excellent thermal and oxidative properties when compared to other vegetable-derived products. Formulated from rapeseed vegetable oil, genetically engineered canola oil, containing biodegradable, non-toxic chemical additives, Hydro Safe is designed to minimize the environmental impact and have low environmental persistence. Its high viscosity index (VI) allows outdoor operations in winter and summer without the need for fluid changes or equipment modifications. Hydro Safe oils are "Readily" biodegradable,USDA approved and listed in the BioPreferred Program and qualifies towards LEED points.


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DeWitt, MI 48820
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Elevator Systems & Components
Readily Biodegradable, Non-Toxic Hydraulic Oil