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Haws Corporation

Haws manufactures award-winning drinking fountains, electric water coolers, hydration stations and emergency equipment for a diverse set of industries.  Focus areas include educational centers, recreational parks, industrial complexes, commercial properties as well as petrochemical production facilities. Haws is represented in over 80 countries and has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Singapore, Switzerland and Brazil. This dedication to global partnership ensures that Haws can meet local demands on a global scale.

Why Haws?

  • Cutting Edge Technology and Thought Leadership - As pioneers in the world of drinking fountains, hydration stations and emergency equipment, Haws consistently offers the newest, most innovative features and functionality for your specific project needs. You can expect this trend to continue because Haws is led by the most influential thinkers in the industry.
  • Low-Cost Maintenance - Haws product feature high-quality, innovative parts that require very little maintenance.  Haws stands by all products and offers an extensive warranty for all products.
  • Superior Product Components - You can expect the absolute highest quality products and components from Haws. For example, all Haws drinking fountains have met the stringent California AB1953 lead content standard for almost 20 years!
  • The Absolute Best in Service and Support - Most Haws customers are sophisticated and capable specifiers, engineers, managers, contractors and architects. Still, in the highly demanding and ever-changing landscape of plumbing and safety, you can rest assured knowing that Haws will always offer you the exact amount and type of assistance needed to keep your specific project on track and on schedule. The Haws customer support team has satisfaction ratings that consistently exceed industry averages and support is available to all customers 6:00am - 4:30pm (PST), five days a week. Beyond support, any of your custom project needs can be met clearly and completely by Haws' team of professional engineers.
  • Save Money on Costly Bottled Water - Using the HydrationStation can dramatically impact your bottom line by reducing bottled water and water cooler costs.  Today, bottled water costs between 240 and 10,000 times the cost of the water they contain.  And the empty bottle refuse the world has created will still be fouling landfills long after we've all moved on.
  • The First Eye / Face Wash Solution Proven Medically Superior - Haws' Axion MSR Eye / Face Wash products feature a revolutionary inverted water flow providing a Medically Superior Response consistent with all EMT, emergency room and doctors' office protocols.


To lead our industry with quality, innovative products and a customer-centric philosophy.


By 2015, Haws Corporation will grow our revenue by a factor of two times. This will be accomplished by attracting and retaining outstanding employees who will provide superior service and product quality, as well as creating outstanding overall value to the marketplace.

In addition to continuing to provide differentiated drinking fountains, electric water coolers and emergency equipment, we will expand our expertise into other safety, water security and conservation systems to serve humankind.


1455 Kleppe Lane
Sparks, NV 89431
Phone: 1 (775) 359-4712




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