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Building Reports

Minimal Invesment. Maximum Compliance.

BuildingReports' innovative web-based solution guarantees timely inspections and maintenance that are fully-documented in accordance with regulatory standards. Simplify the process of costly paper-based inspections with real-time data and on-demand reports.

Inspectors use standard PDAs with BuildingReports software to scan devices and upload results to a secure, web-based account. The data is compared to past inspections and statistical analysis using an online database. Unique bar-code registration ensures comprehensive inspections by monitoring inspectors' progress in real time during the inspection, preventing missed items, and facilitating fast action on repairs. Scanned timestamps cannot be modified, and reports are ready immediately as either a dynamic web page or a downloadable document to authorized users only.

BuildingReports' Third Party Verification and Authentication ensures verifiable compliance backed by a Certificate of Authenticity. Inspection results are audited online and reviewed for certification. Instantly-retrievable documentation from a detailed database of every time-stamped, bar-coded inspection means you can deliver up-to-date, verifiable documentation on demand. Authentication is guaranteed with regular independent audits, both online and onsite. It is intelligent compliance designed by industry experts that produces accurate, verifiable results you can trust.

BuildingReports' web-based wireless technology is convenient and easy-to-use. This intuitive system uses any standard internet browser, so you can access reports from any location at any time for flexible management of multiple properties. Exceptions are clearly displayed in real time. Links to local codes and manufacturer recalls maximize your efficiency. Forms are always up to date, along with continuous and seamless technology updates. Affordable subscription packages offer a variety of hosting and branding options, from using the full resources of to integrating your existing website into a custom-branded solution. As your compliance partner, this portability and accessibility comes with industry-proven commitment to customer service.

BuildingReports guarantees your information is secure. You control who has access to create, edit, or view data and reports in your account. Inspection data cannot be modified. Servers are vigorously protected with encryption and firewall technologies. Multiple data-backups daily, off-premise records archiving, and instant records retrieval further secure your investment. Now you can have confidence in the security and integrity of your compliance.

BuildingReports' comprehensive, adaptable compliance system begins with a minimal investment and delivers cost-effective, streamlined inspections and reports without labor-intensive paperwork. Industry experience, web-based wireless technology, and a variety of hosting options make Building Reports an outstanding compliance investment.


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Suwanee, GA 30024
Phone: 770-495-1993