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GE Energy Waukesha Gas Engines

A century of innovation and engine-building expertise, a reputation for rugged durability and a commitment to continued innovation have made Waukesha® a leading name in gaseous-fueled engines and generator sets.

Waukesha first entered the industry in 1906 when two young men — Harry Horning, a mechanical engineer and Frederick Ahern, a master mechanic — established their Blue Front Garage in Waukesha, Wisconsin, U.S.A. to repair and store automobiles. Later they formed their own engine-manufacturing firm, The Waukesha Motor Company to provide engines for boats, automobiles, trucks, and farm and construction equipment.

Beginning in the 1980s, the Waukesha engine product line has focused on large, gaseous-fueled stationary engines for power generation and gas compression applications around the world.

Today, Waukesha engines are part of GE Energy's gas engines portfolio. The engines are hard at work, meeting gas compression and power generation needs in remote oil and gas fields, supplying hospitals and airports with essential electricity, and providing electrical and mechanical drive power for manufacturing facilities the world over.

Waukesha engines offer performance in isolated, mission-critical and demanding applications that require them to run non-stop for months on end, stopping only for essential routine maintenance. GE Energy has focused on developing features that make a Waukesha engine a sound investment — durable design and construction; extended maintenance intervals; unsurpassed fuel flexibility; and rich-burn, lean-burn alternatives for optimal fuel efficiency at varying emissions compliance levels.

Highlighting the long tradition of Waukesha innovation is the CFR, a small engine used to measure fuel combustion characteristics. This invention, introduced more than 80 years ago, made it possible to refine gasoline and diesel fuels to a consistent standard and enabled engine makers to design their products to deliver consistent performance when burning a fuel with a specific rating. Today, eight decades after its introduction, the CFR remains the only fuel-rating unit approved by ASTM International.

In 2006, the Waukesha low-emission, high-efficiency APG1000 engine entered the world power generation industry. GE Energy remains committed to the continued development of flexible and more efficient engines that deliver more power and use less fuel while significantly reducing emissions.

A growing, global distribution network provides a local presence in 92 countries, supplying factory-certified service technicians and Genuine Waukesha parts to keep Waukesha engines running at their peak around the clock.


1000 W. St. Paul Ave.
Waukesha, WI 53188
Phone: 262-547-3311