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Ossian Inc.

Ossian Inc. began as a small Dow repackager, filling bags with flake and pellet. We saw a need in the ice melt industry for options on ice melt. The vast majority of ice melting companies have no research and development for ice melters. They tend to be fertilizer companies who sell ice melters as a fill in item during their off season. The few who do any research and development are the large companies but are very product specific. Our primary business is ice melt. Our research and development focus is on what works not on raw material source. Over the last several years we have developed several patents with others pending and in process. Twenty five years later Ossian Inc. is now the only company that deals primarily in ice melt, serving customers worldwide.

We constantly strive to develop new and innovative products that fill a customers needs. From the development of products such as Triple Melt®, Landscape®, and our newest, Activar® ultimate accelerator, we are continually pushing the envelope in the ice melt world. Constant comparisons of ice melt elements and their melting abilities are tested to create the best products available.

Ossian Inc. deals only with quality. You will find a product line that is superior on many different levels. We screen our products to eliminate excess dust. Screening also occurs to promote uniform pellet size for even coverage. On most every product Ossian Inc. offers, you will find coverage indicators that are useful so that the end user does not over apply. Not all ice melt manufacturers carry coverage indicators.

There is more than one kind of ice melt user with different needs to fill. That is why we offer more than one type of ice melter. From cost conscious products, to environmental issues, even ice melt that has a greening effect, Ossian Inc. more than likely has the product you need.


635 S. Elmwood Ave.
Davenport, IA 52802
Phone: 800-553-8011
Fax: 563-324-0751