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Quality Attributes Software - QAS

Energy Management Meets Sustainability

Quality Attributes Software provides leading sustainability and energy efficiency programs for today's new energy demands

Our comprehensive Sustainability Solutions consist of a suite of offerings designed to optimize your energy consumption while raising sustainability awareness thus increasing overall asset and stakeholder value

The results are lower energy costs and heightened sustainability awareness producing an overall increase in value to your investment

  • Provides decision makers with the data framework to improve building operations and creat resource efficiencies
  • Implements solutions at individual buildings, campus or the entire real estate portfolio
  • Will enable you to monitor and analyze your resource usage, recommend efficient solutions, optimize operations performance, and reposition your buildings as green
  • Are designed to manage to goals while preserving capital, minimizing risk and increase income

Quality Attributes Software is a leader in the Sustainability and Energy Management awareness arena. Our portfolio of products consists of intelligent building software applications such as GreenTouchscreen®, iBCampus® and iBEnterprise® and provides real-time energy data at the individual building, campus and enterprise levels. Our solutions and services enable and empower both the Sustainability Managers and the Energy Managers to be more energy efficient by becoming better informed about their energy usage and LEED Certification process.

Incorporating our solutions into energy reduction strategies and by making these small improvements can help reduce energy consumption, carbon footprint and ultimately decrease costs. Our portfolio of solutions is delivered via the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Our solutions takes complex energy data from meters, sensors and other buildings systems (e.g. BMS) and translates the information into a highly "visual" display (e.g. Kiosk, desktop, etc) for both Sustainability and Energy managers.

QAS enables you to obtain your organizational goals to drive down costs, improve performance, provide awareness to the community and optimize occupant comfort and safety. We provide intensive Business Intelligence and analytical reporting capabilities. Asset Management and Asset Alerts may also be incorporated into the overall design. All of our develop is customized based on the users specification and goals. Please contact QAS for a personal Briefing on our solutions.




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1 Pelican Drive
Bayville, NJ 08721
Phone: 732-504-2200
Fax: 732-269-5462




Building Automation (Energy Metering)
Quality Attributes Software helps you in obtaining LEED Certification