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Renew Aire LLC

RenewAire manufactures energy recovery ventilation (ERV) products for the home and for buildings of all types and sizes. Stale air is exhausted to the outdoors. Fresh air is brought indoors. In RenewAire's ERV core, airstreams are kept physically separate, but heat and humidity pass efficiently from one airstream to the other. This “passive” energy exchange moderates extremes of temperature and humidity, reduces the size of conventional heating and air conditioning equipment and lowers energy cost.

RenewAire ERV units are available in over 20,000 ready-to-build product configurations and are produced using “Quick Response Manufacturing” to meet customer delivery schedules. Our technically oriented sales staff works with approximately 350 select HVAC distributors to meet today's demands for energy efficient fresh air ventilation. RenewAire is based in Madison, Wisconsin and operates out of a LEED Certified manufacturing facility using 100% wind power produced electricity.

In May of 2010, the Soler & Palau Ventilation Group acquired majority interest in RenewAire. Soler & Palau, for over 60 years, has been a world leader in ventilation with production facilities in Europe, Asia and the Americas. RenewAire plans to incorporate S&P air handling technology and products into our ERVs in order to bring to market the most energy efficient products possible.

Since 1983, RenewAire has built its product line around a static-plate core that transfers both heat and humidity. This technology offers advantages including high year round energy performance with the simplicity, reliability and positive airstream separation building owners demand. For this core technology, RenewAire has benefitted greatly from a strong technical partnership with Mitsubishi Electric's Nakatsugawa Works.

Today RenewAire is one of the leading manufacturers of ERVs in the Americas with installations from Point Barrow, Alaska to São Paulo, Brazil. Customers enjoy generous ventilation while maintaining the high energy efficiency they demand.


4510 Helgesen Drive
Madison, WI 53718
Phone: 800-627-4499
Fax: 608-221-2824