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Redd Team Manufacturing

Aluminum ramps and other aluminum access products such as aluminum stairs, aluminum bridges, aluminum walkways and aluminum gangways are all important features of any building. It is important to ensure that structures are designed to meet all necessary accessibility laws while also adhering to environmental laws. Whether it is a new construction project — or renovation of an old building / space — then access and mobility are key requirements.

Redd Team by Sapa is a leading national manufacturer of high quality aluminum access products such as ADA wheelchair ramps, aluminum pedestrian bridges, aluminum walkways, aluminum gangways, aluminum stairs (OSHA and general code), universal stair systems, aluminum stair towers and more. Whatever you choose, rest assured it will meet your most exacting architectural specifications.

Aluminum is a sustainable material, ideal for access products due to its durability, strength, portability and maintenance-free quality. We are proud to manufacture from raw material containing approximately 25% post-consumer recycled aluminum. Our facilities recycle 100% of all aluminum scrap generated on-site, and our aluminum products themselves can be completely recycled into new raw material.

REDD Team's aluminum ramps and all other access products meet the guidelines of the U.S. Green Building Council and are appropriate for LEED credits under “The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” program. Applicable LEED credits may include:

LEED Credit 2.1 — Construction Waste Management, Divert 50% from Disposal
LEED Credit 2.2 — Construction Waste Management, Divert 75% from Disposal
LEED Credit 4.1 — Recycled Content 10%
LEED Credit 4.2 — Recycled Content 20%

If you need an access solution for your municipal building, industrial building, educational building, government / military building, commercial / retail building, or healthcare building — REDD Team by Sapa aluminum walkways, ramps, and stairs can provide the aluminum access solution you require.


6599 State Road 21
Keystone Heights, FL 32656
Phone: 800-648-3696
Fax: 352-473-0219