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UFLOOR Systems Inc.

To be…and, to stay successful in the marketplace is always an ongoing challenge for us. To be better than the rest means achieving the correct balance between “sticking” to our principles and concurrently, moving forward. By combining proven products with new ideas that offer our clientele every possible advantage, our guiding theme is the “system” concept. What do we know about “systems”? The prerequisite is a wide and high-quality product selection ranging from constructing and/or refurbishing the substrate, to priming and leveling work and to the various adhesives. This level of quality is also found in our worldclass machinery and hardwood finishes, which ensure that each project is the best it possibly can be. A perfect UFLOOR system exists in the harmonious coordination of individual products from step one all the way through to the last procedure. This allows you to supply the highest quality to your customers in every square foot of every floor covering installation. In addition, there is a demand for us to satisfy, with a variety of systems, different desires and requirements. Sometimes they must be especially fast; other times completely environmentally-friendly. For example, on commercial surfaces, a high loadfactor must be achieved in the floor construction and in hospitals or health care facilities, a high demand for hygiene must be met. Our aim is to offer you, for each application, the all-round best solution so we may supply you as a member of the trade, or as a distribution partner, the basis for successful completion of your daily work. UFLOOR Systems — U rule the floor!


14705 E. 33rd Place, Unit D
Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: 720-374-4810
Fax: 720-374-2113