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Baker Safety Equipment Inc.

The core of the Life Chute is a tubular net constructed with 66 load bearing cords of heavy duty, braided DuPont Nylon, giving a combined gross tensile strength in excess of 84000 pounds or 38,100 kilograms. The net can evacuate many people in a steady flow inside the lifechute to their safety. The net is attached to a 3-foot diameter metal ring at each end. The upper ring is secured to one of the three frame models desribed in Chute Models. The Life Chute is designed for quick and easy deployment. Unlike some other high-rise escape devices, the Baker Life Chute is extremely simple to use and requires little or no user instruction during times of emergency. It's supple strength reassures the apprehensive evacuee, providing a sense of security that is especially vital when saving the sick, the blind, the very young and the acrophobic.


4369 S. DuPont Parkway
Townsend, DE 19734
Phone: 302-652-7080
Fax: 302-652-3205