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Knox Company

The Knox-Box® Rapid Entry System is an essential part of the public safety effort for more than 11,500 fire departments, governmental agencies and military installations across North America. The concept is simple. Knox offers a reliable way to secure business and high occupancy residential keys. The complete, UL listed Knox System helps emergency personnel expedite response time and reduce forced entry property damage. Fire departments and other emergency agencies have depended on Knox quality products since 1975. The Knox System includes high security key boxes, vaults, cabinets, padlocks, key switches, and locking FDC caps.

Knox-Box® is the leading high security, heavy-duty key box used for commercial businesses, schools, government and public buildings, and community associations. The UL listed steel vault holds keys, access cards and small entry items.

Knox Vaults are used by larger businesses, industrial properties, public buildings and universities. The heavy-duty, high security vault protects and stores building keys, access cards and floor plans for emergency entry. Available in two sizes, these vaults are UL listed (1037) against physical attack.

Knox Cabinets provide onsite, high security storage for MSDS, Haz-Mat data, pre-fire plans and key storage. Used by industrial and commercial sites as well as universities and government installations, the cabinet is UL listed (1037) against physical attack and meets SARA Title III storage requirements for chemical data.

Knox Elevator Key Box is designed specifically for the elevator lobby. This box can hold up to 18 keys and 2 elevator door drop keys. Available in two sizes, the elevator boxes are UL listed (1037) against physical attack.

Knox Electrical Shutdown Switch houses an electrical service disconnect switch that is designed to operate the building’s shunt trip switch which will disconnect all external electrical power to the building. The device can also be wired to shutdown electrical equipment and systems such as generators, photovoltaic/solar powered systems and telecommunications equipment.

Key Switches and Padlocks provide emergency access to complexes surrounded by perimeter gates that create barriers to fast emergency response. With the installation of a Knox Key Switch or Knox Padlock for emergency access, faster response times can enhance security for the occupants.

Knox Locking FDC Products offer a safe, inexpensive way to protect both the intake and discharge sides of water based fire protections systems from vandalism and prevent excessive service calls. The locking FDC plug with Swivel-Guard covers the entire swivel connection making the set screws inaccessible and minimizing the theft of the brass connection.

The high security Knox System protects firefighters and the communities they serve. It provides immediate building entry day or night, timesaving response to false alarms, less property damage from fire or sprinklers, and high security protection for property owners. Visit for comprehensive system information and online ordering services or call Knox directly at 800-552-5669.


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Phoenix, AZ 85027
Phone: 800-552-5669
Fax: 623-687-2290