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URETEK ICR - Northern US

URETEK ICR - Northern US puts our customers in control of their concrete lifting, soil stabilization,and infrastructure sealing problems. URETEK has done this for over 20 year, and across over 100,000 successful projects around the world.

We lift settled structures, fill subsurface voids, compact and densify below-grade soils, and seal and stabilize underground infrastructures.

We're the leaders in innovation, time and cost savings, and customer benefits by offering the least disruptive, fastest, and most environmentally safe products, processes, and methods available.  We hold the most patents and invented the market we serve.

We serve the industrial, commercial, residential, and public works marketplaces every day. Our customers tell us that we consistently exceed their expectations, every single time.

Our processes utilize a small 5/8" insertion hole(s) to inject our environmentally safe expanding polymer resin.  The material follows the voids and soil fractures, then expands to fill the voids, compact soils, and lift the structure.  Our methods have proven themselves to be the quietest, least disruptive, cleanest, and capable in the industry - all backed by our industry leading 10-year Material Warranty.

Our patented, hydroinsensitive materials lead the industry in their shear, tensile, and compressive strength.  They are lightweight and contain no water, meaning that our materials don't contribute to further soil settlement problems or contaminate groundwater supplies.  And, best of all?  Our materials fully cure in 30 minutes - meaning that you can use your structural asset right away!  No waiting for layup or cure times, no 'come back and finish the project' excuses.

Why would you want to work with us? Simply put - to get control of structural problems, eliminate business and tenant risk, restore and protect structural productivity and beauty, extend the life of existing structural assets, and to save money.

Give us a try. You won't be disappointed. Put to work the most experienced, innovative, and proven company in the industry.  Don't settle for imitators that will 'learn' on your project.

Choose URETEK:  +1 888 442 7687 or visit


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1400 Graham Drive, Suite B206
Tomball, TX 77375
Phone: 888-442-7687
Fax: 281-516-9085