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MULTISTACK CHILLERS Multistack manufactures modular air and water cooled chiller systems that offer solutions to problems faced by building owners concerned with installation costs, energy efficiency and redundancy. Multistack modular chillers can fit through a conventional business door and be transported on a typical freight elevator, eliminating the need for cranes, demolition and complicated installation procedures. Not only does this save installation expenses, it offers much less environmental impact. Modular chillers focus on sustainability by utilizing multiple smaller compressors that hold a micro-charge of refrigerant to do the work of what would normally be one large compressor. The programmed logic in the Multistack controller turns on as many compressors as needed to meet building demand—and turns off as many as possible while demand lessens, minimizing energy consumption 24 hours a day. Additionally this design implements tremendous redundancy via multiple compressors. Multistack is the industry leader in heat recovery and heat pump chillers. Utilizing this technology allows a building owner to recycle existing building heat and use it to supplement or supply all of a building’s domestic hot water and its heating demand. By eliminating the use of natural gas or oil to create heat, money and the environment are saved. Even in the large chiller world, Multistack focuses on sustainability by utilizing MagLev compressors that use no oil and provide the best part-load efficiency in the industry. With multiple MagLev compressors on a large set of shells, a large Multistack chiller offers redundancy and energy efficiency—the focus of all Multistack products.


1065 Maple Ave
Sparta, WI 54650
Phone: 608-366-2400
Fax: 608-3662450