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Phase Change Energy Solutions, Inc.

Phase Change Energy Solutions ( was incorporated in 2008 for the purpose of taking proprietary bio-based phase change materials to the building industry. PCES manufactures all natural, long-life, bio-based phase change materials that utilize the power of phase change melting and refreezing to actively absorb and release heat.

When products such as our ENRG Blanket are placed within a building they help maintain a constant, comfortable temperature while reducing HVAC energy consumption.  It is very easy to install in drop ceiling, single story buildings and retrofit installations. New construction can involve wall, ceiling, roof and floor applications.

This innovative “Smart Thermal MassTM” technology also reduces CO² emissions and shaves peak-energy loads.  In numerous test installations our products have demonstrated significant energy savings and generated an attractive ROI for the building owner or occupant who pays the energy bills. We manufacture high quality phase change building materials that are easy to install.

Our BioPCMTM products have the following characteristics:

• Excellent return on investment with little to no maintenance;

• Can recharge with natural daily temperature cycle (passive) or with air conditioning (active);

• Reduces HVAC cycling and allows the system to run in more efficient modes;

• Life cycle exceeds that of typical inorganic phase change materials;

• Have significantly more latent heat storage capacity than encapsulated petroleum based phase change materials per unit of weight;

• Have patent pending solid to gel transition and 90 year life cycle;

• Our ENRG Blanket product may serve as a vapor barrier, vapor retarder or permeable membrane depending on version selected and how material is installed.

• ASTM E-84-09, Vapor Transmission tested, BEEs Certification; Currently available in 23C, 25C, 27C and 29C temperatures. Additional materials are available at select temperatures across a wide range varying from -20C to 70C.

Call us today to discuss your application.  We would be glad to help!  336-629-3000


120 E. Pritchard St
Asheboro, NC 27203
Phone: 336-629-3000 x202