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Serving a wide range of facilities across the globe, Florock Polymer Flooring, manufactured by Crawford Laboratories, Inc., is a leader in the research and development, production, and installation of solutions-oriented flooring systems for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

Extensive laboratory and field tests, combined with years of satisfied customer use, have proven Florock flooring systems to be an uncommonly high value, high performance solution.

Though the selection of Florock epoxy floors and coatings started small in the 1950s, our concrete floor coating product family now incorporates more than five polymer resin chemistries, including Floropoxy Epoxy Flooring, Florothane Urethane Coatings, FloroCryl Acrylic MMA Flooring, FloroCrete Cementitious Urethane Mortars and FloroSpartic Polyaspartic Floors.

With these and other epoxy floors and coatings, we can effectively give a wide variety of floors the lasting protection and aesthetics they need.

With a tight network of polymer floor coating professionals, including our local Approved Installers, highly experienced Regional Representatives, and dedicated Customer Service Team, we’re confident that we can meet your concrete flooring challenges on time and within budget.