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ServiceChannel offers a single web- and mobile-based platform to source, procure, manage and pay for facility maintenance services from commercial contractors.

The SaaS-based solutions provides a real-time view of service data across all trades, locations and contractors to facilities managers and company staff.

The ServiceChannel platform enables facilities clients to gain visibility across their enterprise, lower costs and improve their brand image without outsourcing.


Its various integrated solutions include

ServiceChannel significantly reduces the cost of managing facilities, delivering a 5-7X ROI while reducing costs between 19-30%. This is why we have over 200 successful clients and a 99% retention rate.

A true collaborative platform, ServiceChannel connects everyone involved in owning or managing facilities with their contractors; bridging workflows between organizations. We are an independent, neutral technology platform — not a contractor, outsourcer or broker.

ServiceChannel brings 14 years of objective, contractor cost and performance-based benchmarking data across all trades. ServiceChannel’s value proposition is equally powerful for contractors. Over 50,000 contractor organizations nationwide use our technology every day to be better business partners, providing valuable data to their clients in a standardized, actionable format.

Highly Secure Cloud-based Isolation

ServiceChannel is a collaborative environment that requires multiple parties, such as facilities managers, contractors, suppliers, and AP departments, to access and provide information. By utilizing cloud-based deployment, we are able to isolate our applications from our clients' internal servers, therefore eliminating any chances of unauthorized access to our clients' internal systems. Your contractors and suppliers never access your internal systems. Communication with our clients' internal servers (data feeds for locations, invoices and payments) is tightly controlled, secured, encrypted and monitored.

Client List

Over 220 leading brands, many in the Fortune 500, use ServiceChannel daily to manage more than 50,000 local, regional and national commercial contractors at over 100,000 locations in 63 countries.

The ServiceChannel platform has been deployed by leading retail, restaurant, convenience store, grocery store brands.

Specific functional areas include Facilities Management, Real Estate, Development, Operations, Finance.

All five of the five most profitable retailers use ServiceChannel.


ServiceChannel has been named as a GAP Inc, Strategic Partner in 2013, awarded two Nike Vendor Excellence Awards in 2010 and 2012 and has been named Vendor of the Year in 2011 by The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM).

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To learn more about how your organization can benefit from a ServiceChannel deployment, please check out our:

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