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Umbrella Bagger Inc.

Umbrella Bagger proudly represents the finest in entryway safety products including umbrella stands, disposable umbrella bags, and all-new automatic umbrella baggers. Founded on the premise that all facilities must take proactive measures to improve visitor safety, Umbrella Bagger is committed to delivering exceptional products and services designed exclusively to reduce the likelihood of accidental slips and falls.

In an effort to deliver an unparalleled customer experience, Umbrella Bagger adheres to 5 core values of service: Safety, Quality, Cleanliness, Convenience, and Professional Aesthetics.

Safety: According to recent statistics gathered by insurance company Liberty Mutual, workplace accidents cost American businesses billions each year. Since 1998, the only category of workplace accident to increase has been "slip and fall accidents," those occuring on both same level and different levels. With this in mind, Umbrella Bagger's primary core value is the pursuit of safety for employees, guests, and all others who enter a facility.

Quality: Safety products must be designed with commercial applications in mind. Umbrella Bagger carries only built-tough products capable of withstanding daily wear, tear, and abuse in a variety of commercial settings.

Cleanliness: Safety products are not just about accident prevention, but about cleanliness and health as well. Umbrella Bagger believes in providing products that improve the health of the facility through rainwater containment, and mold/ mildew prevention.

Convenience: Of course, safety products are only effective when they are used. Umbrella Bagger is committed to providing only products that are convenient, intuitive, and user-friendly to operate. In focusing on the end-user, Umbrella Bagger supplies facilities with products that have a real impact on employees, visitors, and operations.

Professional Aesthetics: Customer experience is more important than ever in today's digitally connected world. Businesses must rise to the challenge of delivering a customer experience that exceeds expectation, every time. Umbrella Bagger is committed to helping businesses achieve that important goal, delivering safety products that keep facilities safe with minimal disruption to interior décor.

Umbrella Bagger Company Information
Local phone: 301-762-0600
Toll-free phone: 855-328-8100
Email: Sales @ (no spaces)