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The Technology Consortium, Ltd.

We are introducing a new air conditioning/HVAC cost cutting (Controls) technology to North America.  This equipment changes your existing single-speed air conditioning compressors (Scroll & other) into variable speed.  Our advanced algorithm has been specifically written to protect these compressors from damage and has been successfully used in thousands of international installations (i.e. Mercedes Benz, KFC, Union Bank, Vate Technologies, etc.) since 2008.

Our initial domestic installation was tested by Duke Energy and has been saving (Ashland Chemicals) 30% in A/C electrical costs since 2011.  Our technology is similar to systems employed by TRANE, Carrier, and other major HVAC companies.  However, our HELP System is an add-on (Turn-key) control panel that does not require any programming, removing, or replacing of any existing equipment.

Our technology is more efficient than other systems in mundane applications such as pumping and blower HVAC systems.

Following is our recent GSA Business article that explains the technology:

The Technology Consortium (aka TTC) was originally chartered as a design engineering company serving the needs of manufacturing facilities. With more than 30 years of engineering, design, and equipment experience, TTC specializes in process, product, and facility modifications, streamlining and refinement.

TTC is currently a Tier-One supplying member of the Advanced Power & Energy Cluster, and the Dakota Defense Alliance.


422 Lake Eljema Drive
Piedmont, SC 29673
Phone: 864-277-1645