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Airius LLC

The Air Pear Thermal Equalizer by Airius LLC delivers energy conservation for your sustainable business. The Air Pear is the most efficient and cost-effective thermal and humidity destratification product available, saving up to 30 percent or more on your company's energy costs. The Thermal Equalizer system utilizes a multiple unit approach, which allows greater and even wider coverage, as opposed to one large central system. Air Pear Thermal Equalizers service ceilings from 8 to 100 feet. The Air Pear’s compact, low wattage and nearly silent air turbine will balance out a facility's temperature, from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Air Pear’s patented air delivery system focuses compact columns of air from the ceiling directly to the floor. Within a very short period of time after installing the Air Pear system, you’ll have no more than zero to 3° differential from floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall. When this happens, it doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to heat or cool the facility. Your HVAC system will simply have less running time because it will not have such extreme temperatures to heat or cool, and your thermostat also will be satisfied for longer periods of time. You’re recycling the heating and/or cooling that you already have paid for! Installation of the Air Pear Thermal Equalizer will contribute to a building’s LEED rating points, increasing its level of sustainability, decreasing its energy usage. For more information, contact us online at or call 303-772-2633; 1-888-AIR-PEAR.


811 S. Sherman St.
Longmont, CO 80501
Phone: 303-772-2633
Fax: 303-772-8276



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