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Nu-Recycling Technology, Inc.

Nu-Recycling Technology, Inc. designs, fabricates and installs the NuReTec 3000 Automatic Recycling Systems. These systems enable the residents of mid- and high rise buildings to recycle in the privacy and convenience of their own floor with just a touch of a button. To use the system a resident takes their recyclable matrial to the trash chute and presses a button on the system's Floor Control Station. They can select either PAPER, COMMINGLED or GARBAGE. After they press the button, that tells the system what they will be dropping down the chute, they then open the chute door and drop the material down the chute. When it gets to the bottom of the chute the NuReTec 3000 directs it to its own container, separate from the garbage. When a button is pressed that button lights up on every floor to let anyone entering the trash chute room that recycling is in progress. Once the material passes the bottom of the chute the syste immediately and automatically returns to Garbage, which is the Home position and the lights go off. Thwe system is then ready for another selection in a matter of just a few seconds. The Maintenance Staff of the building no longer has to spend valuable time collecting recyclables on the floors and the residents no longer have to carry their recyclables to an inconvenient central location. The use of the NuReTec 3000 has shown to reducr the waste going to the landfill by up to 65%. Systems are currently in use from Portsmouth, RI to San Francisco, CA and from Rochester, MN to Ft. Worth, TX and all points between.


10364 Book Road
Naperville, IL 60564
Phone: 630-904-5237
Fax: 630-904-5239