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FacilityDude provides an integrated suite of web-native facility management solutions. Our tools are easy to use, affordable and scalable to help organizations save money, increase efficiency and improve services.

With the cost of facility upkeep comprising such a large portion of a company's budget, it is vital that operational efficiencies are maximized. To achieve such goals, organizations must find effective ways to streamline their maintenance, inventory, and utility functions.

Maintenance Most facility management professionals understand and value the importance of an efficient maintenance department. Reducing material consumption, managing schedules, and tracking request completion rates are common maintenance metrics required to evaluate performance and output. The challenge is finding a tool that can centralize this information into a simple, web-native platform. FacilityDude's MaintenanceEdge suite of products equips your team with the tools to provide accurate, time sensitive maintenance tracking and reporting.

Energy Energy costs continue to rise, significantly hampering the budgets of all facility types. Identifying even the smallest energy savings can yield noticeable bottom line improvements. In addition to managing energy costs, some facilities are also placing an emphasis on becoming green through ENERGY STAR and LEED initiatives. FacilityDude's UtilityTrac suite of products empowers your company to manage both energy costs and green initiatives through a single, web-native platform. UtilityTrac gives you the ability to implement your programs, aimed at enhancing bottom line performance and protecting the environment.

Inventory Whether you manage one facility or hundreds, inventory management can be an extremely complex task. As inventory levels continuously fluctuate, it is important that your team stays intimately involved with such changes. Falling behind can lead to a devastating situation that is difficult, if not impossible, to recover from. Implementing FacilityDude’s InventoryEdge suite of products can significantly enhance inventory management through simplified record keeping and reporting features.

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