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Metar Weather

Metar Weather protects businesses, state governments and municipalities from financial risk due to adverse weather conditions. Even in our advanced, technology-based society, we still live largely at the mercy of the weather. It has an enormous impact on small businesses, corporate revenues and both municipal and state budgets. Until recently, there were few financial tools offering companies' protection against weather related risks.

The time has passed when companies could categorize weather as an unmanageable risk — an unfortunate but unavoidable cost of doing business. The oft-mentioned "weather excuse" that meeting sales, earnings and budgets often depends as much on the vagaries of the weather as on anything they do, companies can no longer ignore the availability of tools that can help protect them against that risk.

While many companies candidly concede the fact that adverse weather conditions cut into their profits, raise expenses or erode their budgets, most are not aware that weather protection solutions are both available and affordable.

Metar Weather is simplifying the process of weather risk management. Weather protection strategies are no longer tools utilized only by large institutions such as utilities and energy companies.

Simply put-Metar Weather provides weather protection contracts that cover your business in the event you suffer financial losses due to adverse weather conditions.


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