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Kaivac, Inc.

As long as there have been toilets, janitors have been on their hands and knees swabbing and wiping them clean (or almost clean). No wonder the worker morale has been so low and the turnover rate so high! Bob Robinson, Sr., founder and President of Kaivac, Inc., set out to develop a more dignified yet more productive method of cleaning restrooms.

By combining pressure washing, chemical injection, wet vacuuming, and other tools on a single platform, Robinson revolutionized restroom cleaning. This combination resulted in the first No Touch Cleaning system, the KaiVac.

This system is easier, faster, and deep cleans soils better than any other method. This invention not only works wonders on restrooms but has been enhanced to tackle just about every surface and space throughout a building - from floors, walls, classrooms and restrooms, to stairwells, kitchens, hallways and more.

Consequently, many customers now use them in place of auto scrubbers, carpet extractors, dry and wet vacuums, grout machines, mops, buckets, and more.


401 South Third Street
Hamilton, OH 45011
Phone: 18002871136





No-Touch Cleaning Equipment for Restrooms and General Cleaning