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Lavatory System Bolsters Restroom Retrofit

Bradley Corp.

Any retail or commercial business that wants to succeed needs to feature a plumbing system that controls water costs, provides a comfortable, clean restroom, and contributes to sustainability. Restaurants are no exception.
Marley’s on the Beach in Oakland Beach, R.I., is an expansive indoor-outdoor restaurant known for live music, upscale pub food, and specialty drinks.
About three years after Marley’s first opened in 2010, owner and operator Michelle Hafers felt the bar had yet to reach its full potential. Hafers hooked up with the crew of Spike TV’s reality series “Bar Rescue” to overhaul Marley’s interior design, décor and food service operations.
The show engaged Bradley Corp. to upgrade Marley’s washroom fixtures with the goals of achieving more contemporary aesthetics, improving sustainability and reducing its maintenance costs.
After assessing the washrooms and learning about the restaurant’s needs, Bradley recommended installing the Advocate AV Series lavatory systems in the men’s and women’s washrooms.
The Advocate all-in-one touchless sink combines a faucet, a soap dispenser, and a high- efficiency hand dryer in one unit. Its design enables users to complete the entire handwashing process — soap, rinse, and dry — in one place and ensures water goes down the drain instead of ending up on counters and floors.
Before the retrofit, the restaurant was plagued with used piles of paper towels and water buildup on counters and floors. The lavatory system eliminated those issues and provided a cleaner and sleeker washroom — improving the patron experience, reducing maintenance time for the restaurant’s employees, and reducing the safety hazards associated with wet floors.
The system’s ultra-low-flow faucet also achieved a much better flow rate than the previous faucets, reducing overall water use and bills. The unit’s compact design was a great fit for the bar’s individual-capacity washrooms and made the most out of the limited space.
“The Advocate has completely transformed our washrooms,” Hafers says. “In addition to looking fantastic, they make the best use of limited space while keeping our restrooms clean and my customers love them.”

posted:  4/14/2014