Tools for Lowering Your Energy Costs

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Rising energy costs and environmental sustainability initiatives are driving companies to combat energy costs and become more efficient. Real-time, granular data about the health of the buildings' electrical systems is crucial. We’re reviewing strategies to help business leaders and facility managers lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their facilities.

Optimization of Energy Utilization

Optimizing energy utilization involves using energy efficiently to reduce waste and costs. Adopting energy-efficient equipment and an advanced electrical power monitoring system (EPMS) while implementing energy-saving processes and procedures, such as ISO 50001, can help corporate decision-makers and facility managers achieve their utilization goals. Let’s review a few examples of how the tools and functionalities of an advanced EPMS can optimize your energy consumption and deliver results.

  • Comprehensive Measurement & Accuracy: In today’s competitive landscape for power quality, residual current monitoring (RCM) and energy efficiency monitoring, a modular energy measurement device can deliver maximum information in an incredibly small footprint. With a tool like this, it’s possible to capture ground fault currents, temperatures, mA signals and more across a high number of channels so you know, in real-time, everything that’s happening with your electrical system.
  • Holistic Visibility and Rapid Reaction Capabilities: The network analysis software of an EPMS is vital in presenting the data collected by monitoring devices in a central platform so facility managers and executives can make informed, effective decisions as they drive greater efficiency. The software should offer customizable reporting capabilities and tools like statistics, charts, heatmaps, and Sankey diagrams so decision-makers can understand how to use the data from their monitoring devices. For example, facility managers at an industrial plant can use energy management and PQM devices along with network analysis software to see how machine startup affects consumption. This combination of tools and analysis can help them understand how to sequence startups appropriately to optimize energy utilization.

Your Path to Lowering TCO

Energy management strategy requires the use of an advanced EPMS coupled with network analysis software to be successful. With Janitza’s cutting-edge multifunction measurement devices combined with GridVis® energy management and analysis software, you can take deliberate action to lower your facility’s energy costs and cost of ownership. We understand your efforts to improve your bottom line using granular data, providing tools to identify energy savings and make recommendations about optimizing the use of your building’s equipment.

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