To achieve operational excellence in facilities management it's important to meet the demands of the customer, while reaching your organization's goals and strategies. Facilities managers should have a strong understanding of key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure the correct technology, systems and procedures are in place to guarantee the team (both internal and external partners) is functioning cohesively and the building is operating as designed. Join us as we discuss key topics to help you achieve operational excellence in your facilities

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the effective definition and usage of KPIs that matter to your building
  2. Explore how best to control airflow effectiveness for indoor office environment
  3. Learn how lean principles can be applied in FM to maximize value
  4. Comprehend how an organization can achieve operational excellence


Measurements Matter

Andy Gager, CMRP, CPIM, CAMA
CEO, AMG International Consulting

Whatever you call it — metrics, measurements, or key performance indicators (KPI) — you must have performance measurements in place either to validate that the work you staff is performing in achieving the department's goals and objectives, or to identify opportunities for continuous improvement. Measuring and monitoring your department's activities is essential in determining the way that these activities affect the facility's overall condition and performance. When it comes to service provider management, you can use numerous KPIs to measure performance or service. At the end of the day, each of these measurements has a financial impact on the organization. This session highlights KPIs you should consider and implement to achieve operational excellence.


  1. Identify the effective definition and usage of metrics that matter to your building
  2. Understand the importance of measuring and monitoring your departments activities
  3. Determine how to select the right KPIs that make sense for your organization

Lean Management and the Role of Standardization

Darrell X. Rounds, FMA®, C.E.M. (he/him/his)
EV Infrastructure Strategy Lead for North America, General Motors Company

Facilities managers are constantly looking for ways to make themselves, their technicians, and their organizations as efficient as possible. You can do this by increasing the quality of services rendered and reducing waste that detracts from the quality of services you provide. Join us for this session as Darrell Rounds with GM shows you how these principles can be highly beneficial when looking to optimize facilities management.


  1. Define what lean is
  2. Identify and define the eight forms of waste
  3. Identify and define the major tenets of a lean system
  4. Learn how lean principles can be applied in FM to maximize value

Ventilation Systems Strategies to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Occupant Health

Mehdi Jalayerian, PE, LEED AP
Senior Managing Director, Environmental Systems Design, Inc.

The recent pandemic demands that building designers and operators improve indoor air quality in buildings. This presentation reviews ventilation systems strategies to improve effectiveness of the HVAC systems at the primary air systems level as well as the air distribution at occupied zone. The solutions considered fulfill the objective of improving occupant health while maintaining economic performance for the buildings. Filtration systems and four HVAC system configurations are analyzed with a range of indoor-air-quality improvements. Two occupied office zone configurations of air distribution are analyzed to evaluate indoor air ventilation effectiveness and performance via CFD modeling for various space loads.


  1. Understand the filtrations systems performance for commercial HVAC systems.
  2. Evaluate what sort of HVAC configuration works best in office buildings to control indoor air quality.
  3. Explore how best to control airflow effectiveness for indoor office environment.

The Digital Transformation of Asset Management in 2022

Mike Petrusky
Director of Events & Podcast Host, iOFFICE + SpaceIQ

Cody Gray
Director of Product and Design, iOFFICE + SpaceIQ

The asset management landscape continues to evolve with the integration of safety, risk, and asset reliability top of mind for industry leaders. Mike Petrusky and Cody Gray of iOFFICE + SpaceIQ will share updates on the state of the EAM and CMMS marketplace and the availability of new digital technology and strategies in the world of maintenance and facility management today.

Achieving Operational Excellence Through The Cloud - Strategies for Managing and Maintaining Your Portfolio

Ben Durfee
Senior Sales Manager, Turntide Technologies

Learn how Turntide's Technology for Sustainable Operations provides facility managers with the tools they need to streamline the operations and maintenance of their facilities. With capabilities like reports and KPI dashboards, centralized controls and setpoint management, equipment condition monitoring, custom alerts and notifications, and the ability to initiate service requests easily within the application, Turntide facilitates reduced facility downtime, helps you reach your ESG goals, and increases the operational efficiency of your entire portfolio.

Facilities Operational Excellence: A Learning and Development Perspective

Chris Twitchell
Director, Key Accounts, Vector Solutions

Chris will discuss specific core principles of operational excellence from a learning and development perspective. He'll review the common gaps and pitfalls affecting facility managers today and share tips on how to solve them. He will also share how to identify the key players who will ensure the implementation and maintenance of operational excellence at your facility.

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Andy Gager

Andy Gager, CMRP, CPIM, CAMA
AMG International Consulting

Gager has over 25 years of manufacturing experience ranging from warehousing operations to plant manager. Specializing in Materials Management and Operations, Gager has led multiple improvements initiatives that include Kaizen events that resulted in process cost reductions of $1.4M annually, strategic sourcing programs that reduced inventories 70 percent, and successful reconfiguration of warehousing operations that reduced space by 60% while improving efficiency. Gager is CPIM, Six Sigma certified Green Belt, CMRP and formally trained in Change Management Principles. He has led and facilitated global design teams with such companies as Alcan and Alcoa. His articles have been published in numerous trade magazines and referenced as a contributing expert in the field of MRO management and EAMs implementations.

Darrell Rounds

Darrell X. Rounds, FMA®, C.E.M. (he/him/his)
EV Infrastructure Strategy Lead for North America
General Motors Company

Rounds has been employed by General Motors for over 24 years where he's served in several leadership roles related to Facilities Management and Construction. In these roles, Darrell has been responsible for properties totaling more than 53 million square feet and $7.2 Billion in assets. He currently serves as a leader within GM's Electric Vehicle Occupational Safety organization. He received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University and his M.S. degree in Construction Management from Eastern Michigan University. He carries the designation of Facilities Management Administrator from BOMI International and is a Certified Energy Manager with the Association of Energy Engineers. He serves on several industry boards including the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations Industry Advisory Group, the ProFM Institute Commission, and the National Institute of Building Sciences as a member of its Board of Directors and its Treasurer.

Mehdi Jalayerian

Mehdi Jalayerian, PE, LEED AP
Senior Managing Director,
Environmental Systems Design, Inc.

Jalayerian's expertise includes major high-rise and supertall buildings, convention/hotel facilities, and educational/government projects. Mehdi is responsible for business development, client relations, contract performance, and overall quality control among other duties.

Mike Petrusky

Mike Petrusky
Director of Events & Podcast Host

Mike Petrusky is host of both the "Workplace Innovator Podcast" & the "Asset Champion Podcast" while serving as Director of Events at iOFFICE + SpaceIQ. He is passionate about inspiring leaders to pursue the best strategies for the future of work with an emphasis on seeking opportunities to enhance our human experiences both in and out of the workplace. Mike is a dynamic speaker, podcaster, and seasoned marketer who has gained a unique understanding of CRE, FM and Asset Management trends and challenges by interviewing over 200 industry-leaders.

Cody Gray

Cody Gray
Director of Product and Design

Cody Gray is Director of Product and Design for iOFFICE + SpaceIQ. Based near Salt Lake City, Utah, he is focused on EAM and CMMS solutions as well as solutions that interact and support these solutions. He believes strongly in collaboration and teamwork as driving factors for good design and planning and has a strong understanding of the multiple facets that can influence a product roadmap. Cody is passionate about working with his team and the delivery of valuable software solutions to his clients.

Chris Twitchell

Chris Twitchell
Director, Key Accounts
Vector Solutions

Chris is a Strategic Sales Executive with a fifteen-plus-year background facilitating Consulting Services, eLearning, LMS Platform, Human Performance and Technology services solutions into Fortune 500 and 1000 Companies. Chris is involved in many industry associations and has a true passion for the learning industry.

Ben Durfee

Ben Durfee
Senior Sales Manager,
Turntide Technologies

Ben Durfee has been working in building automation and energy efficiency for the last decade many of those years based in Australia. With experience in engineering and running service departments, he understands the needs of both end-users and service providers in having reliable access to building data in new and innovative formats and continues to put that towards helping clients find the right solution for their building.

A dedicated professional with over 9 years of smart buildings & automation experience including system integration, HVAC analytics, IoT, and team organization. Seasoned upper-level manager specializing in energy optimization, efficient work processes, and managing large-scale rollouts.


iOffice + SpaceIQ
Vector Solutions