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Associate Director of Facilities Services - Facilities Management Job Post

Job Type: full time

Location: IL

Role: Facilities Executive
Apply at: https://www.saic.edu/about/work-at-saic

Description: Title: Associate Director of Facilities Services

Job Code: 1402

Reports to: Executive Director of Facilities Services

Job Code: 001403

Supervises: Assistant Director of Facilities, Campus Buildings

Assistant Director of Facilities, Campus Services

Job Codes: 1366 and 1365


Provide quality leadership and facilities management in the upkeep of facilities and equipment campus-wide. Manages campus services and small construction projects from planning through closeout. Participates in Capital & Facilities Renewal budgeting including facility and condition assessment and project estimating. Work closely with Instructional Resource and Facility Management partners including Security, Engineering, Design & Construction, Shop and Media Center Facilities and Environmental Health, Safety & Sustainability. Work closely with the academic community including Campus Life, administrative directors, department technicians and managers, Exhibitions and Events, department heads, and faculty to maintain and improve the teaching and learning environment for the SAIC community. Directs the activities of the Asst. Director of Facilities, Campus Buildings and the Asst. Director of Facilities, Campus Services. Ensures the completion of work requests, classroom service requests, and housekeeping requests with an emphasis on safety and preventative maintenance. Acts as a liaison between facility users and the Executive Director of Facilities Services.


• Facilities Management & Campus Environment – Responsible for facilities oversight of campus buildings and grounds, ensuring that conditions and appearance are within SAIC standards of excellence. Provides direction to the Asst. Director of Facilities, Campus Buildings; the Asst. Director of Facilities, Campus Services, and the Facilities Managers in maintaining campus standards for both interior and exterior spaces.

• Project Management – Responsible for managing building services, maintenance and repair projects. i.e. residence hall move-in and move-out, summer/winter PMs, summer construction coordination, general small construction projects, HEPA cleaning, lighting replacements, metal polishing, flooring replacements, small-scale mechanical systems maintenance, and upgrades, etc). Coordinate and contract all work from planning to close-out. Works closely with the Design and Construction department to help facilitate large construction projects.

• Facilities Renewal & Capital Project Planning – Works closely with the E.D. of Facilities Services to plan and oversee Facilities Renewal and Capital project needs. Performs condition assessments of campus facilities and systems to extend the life and retain the usable condition for items such as flooring, lighting, furniture, general interiors and some mechanical systems.

• Staff Management & Supervision - Directs the daily activities of the Asst. Director of Facilities, Campus Buildings and the Asst. Director of Facilities, Campus Services. Provides leadership and direction to staff in the upkeep of facilities and equipment with an emphasis on operations, safety, maintenance & repair. Maintains consistency of service and messaging throughout campus. Responsible for hiring, assigning/directing work, evaluating performance, and managing job duties and expectations.

• Specialized Facilities & Equipment – Responsible for the maintenance, consistency of operations and upgrade needs of specialized facilities and equipment campus-wide. Spaces include the SAIC Ballroom, Sculpture Courtyard, Spray Booths and messy work rooms. Works with academic departments to support department managed specialized spaces across campus.

• Campus Wayfinding and General Signage – Works with the E.D. of Facilities Services to establish and maintain campus wayfinding standards. Oversees installation of campus signage and monitors for consistency. Directs and informs the Asst. Director of Facilities, Campus Buildings in the ongoing maintenance of campus signage needs.

• Customer Service – Works closely with the E.D. of Facilities Services to establish standards for customer service. Responsible for communication and ensuring that these standards are upheld with the Asst. Director of Facilities, Campus Building; the Asst. Director of Campus Services; and the Facilities Managers.

• Department & Community Liaison – Acts as the Facilities representative to all SAIC departments, Central Administration and the Museum. Responds to community needs, strategizes responses and delegates work as needed. Coordinates with City of Chicago organizations such as the Loop Alliance, campus neighbors such as Couch Place and Broadway in Chicago to facilitate campus projects.



• Bachelor`s Degree and minimum of 5-10 years’ progressive experience in institutional facilities management, facilities services, classroom/office services and operational services.

• Experience leading facilities operations, facilities renewal and repair, establishing/maintaining campus standards and coordination of small construction projects.

• Comprehension and understanding of blueprints, space planning, design, construction, mechanical systems and classroom technology methodology and terminology.

• Demonstrated project management skills from project inception, scope planning, budgeting, estimating, execution and completion.

• Experience working with vendors, conducting bid walkthroughs and communicating project goals and timelines.

• Ability to manage and coordinate multiple projects simultaneously, set priorities, and meet deadlines.

• Skilled at organizing, evaluating and delegating project components to support team.

• Must operate effectively at both big picture and situation-specific levels

Leadership & Supervision

• Demonstrated experience as a confident and personable leader and supervisor.

• Able to promote and support skill building and growth of supervised staff.

• Able to effectively evaluate team and staff performance, provide constructive feedback, and guide direction and improvement.

• Able to provide positive mentorship and to promote collaboration and cooperation among team members. Demonstrates an openness to thoughts and ideas of others. Skilled at conflict resolution.


• Thoughtful problem solver and decision maker. Adaptable to changing environment.

• Must have excellent analytical, interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills

• Ability to communicate/translate/articulate operations, facilities, design and construction concepts to staff, faculty, department heads, etc.

• Exceptional Professionalism and customer Service. Ability to work with all levels of students, faculty and staff in a unique environment. Ability to deal with difficult people and seek a positive outcome.

• Able to work independently with a high degree of initiative, conferring with leadership when appropriate.

• Proficiency with basic computer software (Word, Excel, Google Suite, graphics/presentation programs, etc.) Comfortable with learning new programs specific to facility needs.

Apply at: https://www.saic.edu/about/work-at-saic

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