Mower Maintenance Plan Helps Extend Life of Fleet

By Mike Fitzpatrick  
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Providing a reliable and productive fleet of mowers is high on the priority list for many grounds managers, given the role mowing plays in maintaining the appearance of turf areas for institutional and commercial facilities. But the task comes with many hurdles that managers must clear.

By using proven strategies and making decisions that maximize mower performance life, managers can deliver aesthetically pleasing landscapes that meet an organization's ever-changing needs.

Streamlining Specification

One proven mower management strategy is to buy from a dealer that provides the best customer service. Managers who field a productive staff of operators have won only half the battle. Knowing which equipment to buy and which retailer to use are just as critical.If a mechanical problem occurs or a tool needs routine service, a strong customer service department ensures the equipment is taken care of in a timely manner and that operations will continue to operate smoothly.

Good customer service also is important if managers are unsure of the equipment they need to buy or lease. Manufacturers can provide a great deal of knowledge in identifying the best equipment to fit mowing and landscaping needs, which minimizes the risk of over-spending on unnecessary equipment.

Managers also must select a retailer that is located relatively close to their facilities. This factor will help determine how quickly a fleet mechanic can get a piece of equipment repaired and back on the job again.

During the specification and purchasing process, it also is essential for managers to keep in mind the value of building relationships. Managers who buy equipment from one dealer and continue to work with that dealer over time will earn benefits that go a long way for the department and the fleet of mowers. For example, managers who purchase from one dealer are more likely to be offered better prices and deals.

As with every activity, time is money when it comes to landscaping. If managers can ensure that mowers are well-supported and running efficiently, operators can complete projects more quickly and efficiently.

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