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Attracting Millennials To Facility Management

Making the industry appealing to Millennials requires new strategies and a different mindset

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Every day, an average of 5,900 Baby Boomers exit the workforce, according to the Pew Research Center. With the pool of “seasoned” professionals currently employed by facility management organizations also shrinking, there is a sense of urgency to identify options for filling vacant positions now and in the future.

Who will fill these vacancies? The Pew Research Center cited Millennials (born between 1981 and 1997) as the largest segment of the workforce, currently making up more than a third of positions. Five years from now, in 2025, they are projected to make up 75 percent of U.S. employees. A LinkedIn survey of 2,406 U.S. hiring managers found that 72 percent of those surveyed said they will focus on recruiting Millennials to fill open job positions.

Knowing that a large pool of potential Millennial workers exists is one piece of the puzzle, but understanding what makes them tick, where to find them, and how to assimilate them into a facility management position are the key pieces for a successful and productive working relationship.

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