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Building Operating Management
PAGE What interior design trends are leading the way in commercial buildings? Are tight budgets still driving design choices, or has some flexibility started to return to the process? What role does sustainability play in the design process? How has that changed over the last few years? Have there been any big surprises recently in design trends? What do you anticipate as the next area of focus in interior design?

What do you anticipate as the next area of focus in interior design?

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As the workday grows longer, the workforce becomes more mobile, and the lines between work and life further blur, a deeper understanding of health and wellbeing has become imperative. Now, more than ever before, research is proving the sedentary work culture has been detrimental to our health. Designers are actively taking on this new social responsibility through advocacy for new policies that encourage things like healthy eating, fitness programs and stress relief strategies in the workplace. Health and wellbeing is the newest layer of complexity in design and will be a critical as companies fight against the health issues of an aging, inactive work force.

Answers provided by Amanda Carroll, Associate, Gensler. 

posted on 7/12/2012