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Data Centers - March 2011

The Data Center Facilities landing page for Facility Professionals.

Topics related to Data Center Facilities

Virtualization, UPS Systems, Green Grid, Data Center Metrics,
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FM-IT Partnership Can Increase Data Center Energy Efficiency

Building Operating Management
High-performance Computing (HPC) Is Likely to Become Mainstreampart 2: Power and Communication Needs of Supercomputerspart 3: Tackling HPC's Massive Heat Generation


Building Operating Management
Cooperation in the Data Center Can Reduce Costs, Increase Reliabilitypart 2: Managing Common Disagreements Between FM and ITpart 3: Trends in Data Centers part 4: Survey: Data Centers Taking Steps to Trim Energy Use


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Chiller System Design Can Improve Data Center Energy Efficiency

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Lower Energy Consumption, Longer Life Cycle Benefits of Green Data Centers

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Portable Cooling Units One Option In Data Center HVAC Control

Strengthening the Link Between FM and IT

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Temperature Control Efficiency Can Maximize Return