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Keeping Traffic Flowing at Newark Penn Station - 2018
With Daylight and Good Acoustics, UCLA Conference Center Earns LEED Platinum - 2018
Retail Complex Saves on Outdoor Lighting Retrofit Project - 2018
Unique Facade Distinguishes Student Center at New England Conservatory - 2018
Bank Achieves Occupant Comfort and Energy Efficiency - 2018
Dining Hall's Historic Design Fosters Connectivity - 2018
Designing School Acoustics for Active, Engaged Listeners - 2018
Lighting Controls Help Improve Occupant Experience - 2018
Stadium Implements Layered Vehicle Control Systems - 2018
High School Features Custom Sunscreen and Translucent Facade - 2018
Multipurpose Spaces Highlight New Houston Law Offices - 2018
Hotel/Casino Shines While Harmonizing with D.C. Skyline - 2018
Standalone Ice Arena Earns LEED Platinum Rating - 2018
Propane Mowers Are Part of Green Efforts for College in North Carolina - 2018
At Virtual Medical Center, Moveable Walls Get Custom Support - 2018
Improved Energy Efficiency and Lower Operating Costs with Modern HVAC Equipment - 2017
Bright Blue Metal Facade Beacon to Community - 2017
BOMA Chicago Earns LEED-CI Silver - 2009
USGBC Headquarters Becomes First LEED 2009-certified Project - 2009
Achieving High-End Aesthetics on a Budget - 2009
To Boldly Go Where No Educational Facility Has Gone Before - 2009
Large Open Office Earns Silver Certification - 2009
Showing Off Sustainability at Arizona State - 2009
School Uses Thermal Energy Storage to Slash Energy Costs - 2009
Dual-Flush Valves Curb Airport Water Usage - 2009