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Ventrol Air Handling Systems Inc.

company website

9100 rue du Parcours
Montreal, QC  H1J 2Z1
Phone:  514-354-7776
Fax:  514-354-2110

Ventrol Air Handling Systems Inc. manufactures/services/distributes these product types:

    Air Cleaners

    Air Conditioners (Central Station)

    Air Conditioners (Computer Room)

    Air Conditioners (Rooftop)

    Air Conditioners (Through the Wall)

    Air Filters

    Air Handling Units

    Air Louvers

    Boiler Alarms

    Boiler Control Systems

    Burner Control (Full Modulation)

    Burners (Gas)

    Burners (Oil)

    Coils (Condensation & Dehumidifying)

    Coils (Cooling)

    Coils (Electrical)

    Coils (Heating)

    Constant Air Volume Systems

    Controllers (Temperature) {HVAC}

    Controllers (Variable Air Volume)

    Controls (Combustion)

    Controls (Cooling)

    Controls (Fan)

    Controls (Heating)

    Controls (Humidity)

    Controls (Programmable) {HVAC}



    Desiccant Cooling Systems

    Energy Recovery Systems

    Fan Coils


    Fans (Roof)

    Freeze Protection

    Furnaces (Electric)

    Furnaces (Gas)

    Furnaces (Oil)

    Heat Exchangers

    Heaters (Electric)

    Heaters (Forced Air)

    Heaters (Gas)

    Heaters (Infrared)

    Heaters (Radiant)


    Monitors & Sensors

    Temperature Alarms

    Variable Air Volume Systems

    Variable Frequency Drives

    Sound Control: Other Products