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Lighting System Helps Facilities Take Advantage of Daylighting - Parans - Facility Management Product Release

Lighting System Helps Facilities Take Advantage of Daylighting: Parans


The Parans system follows the sun during the day, like a sunflower, and uses every hour of sun. Fibre optic cables transport the sunlight in and through the property and spread the light in all rooms. This way sunlight can be experienced deep into buildings and far away from windows.

The new fourth generation Paranslight — SP4 — is a modular system which means that it can easily be adapted and expanded in order to provide the desired room with sunlight. Start by providing sunlight to one conference room and end up with the entire office, from floor 1 to floor 30. You may choose between four and up to 20 light points. The cable length is totally customized which means that each cable could have its unique cable length.

The SP4 has high-tech cables reaching up to 100 meters. The quality of the cables allows that the light quality — the healthy full spectrum light — and luminosity retains all the way.

The cables of the SP4 are thin and flexible, which means that they can transport light both vertically and horizontally and no structural intervention in the property needs to be done. This means that no rentable space needs to be occupied, but also that unattractive spaces could become rentable because healthy sunlight may be transported to almost every room where people are working and learning.

Only the visible part of the sunlight is transported into the building — the IR and UV-radiation are filtered out. That means that much of the heat energy in the solar radiation is blocked and the Parans light does not fade colours and harm material like UV radiation does.


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posted: 10/6/2016